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DP Zcap

DP Zcap
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Tired of checking your trapline only to find that mice or other small critters have made off with your bait? Introducing the all new Zcap. Here's how it works. First bait and set your Ztrap. Now place the Zcap into the top of the Ztrap. The Zcap covers the end of trap keeping mice and small critters from making off with the bate. Don't worry, in a matter of seconds a raccoon figures out how to remove the cap and reaches down to take the bate. WAM!! you got him.

The Zcap also lets you pre-bait your Ztraps. After placing bait in bottom of trap, compress spring loop wire and put Zcap into end of trap. Release tension and cap is held firmly in place until final trap set.

Note: because trap is set with Zcap in position, it only takes one hand to finish setting trap.

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