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Welcome to our Video Page. Many of the videos you see here can be seen on our product pages and also on our YouTube channel . We will continue to update our videos as soon as they become available. Thanks for visiting !


Fleming Traps TV - Duke 550 Pro Series Trap Sale


Fleming Traps TV - Duke #2 Coil Spring Square Jaw

Coyote Trap - 4 Coiled



Fleming #1.5 Coil Spring Trap


How To Trap A Fox - Predator Control

Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping

End of Season Trap Sale

Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap With Set Tool


Raccoon Cage Trapping


Raccoon Trapping Using Bandit Bait


How To Wax Your Traps


How To Dye Your Traps


Rebar Trapping Stakes


Berkshire Disposable Stakes

Trappers Trowels

Groundhog Trapping Tool

Sodbuster Hammer

Coil Spring Trap Setters

MB-450 Traps

MB-550 Traps

MB-650 Traps

Wooden & Metal Sifters

Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap

Trappers Sheep Wool

Duke #1 Long Spring Foot Trap

Duke #1.75 Coil Spring Foot Trap

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