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Trap Set Tools

Trap Set Tools for coils spring foot traps, body grip traps, long spring traps & dog proof coon traps.
Coil Spring Trap Setters
Try the Coil Spring Trap Setter. Handles slip over trap's levers to make setting strong traps easy. Fits all sizes....through 4's.
Our Price: $12.50
Coil Spring Trap Setters
99 Reviews
MB-650 Setting Tool
3 Reviews
MB-750 Set Tool
1 Review
Dog Proof Trap Set Tool
82 Reviews
Duke Safety Gripper for Body Trap
22 Reviews
Set Tool For Body Trap
25 Reviews
Set Tool for Body Trap - Heavy Duty 30"
34 Reviews
Body Grip Self Locking Setters
9 Reviews
KB Body Trap Stabilizer
9 Reviews
MB Coni-Bracket
11 Reviews
Trigger Body Grip Setter
2 Reviews
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