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Super Birdxpeller Pro

Super Birdxpeller Pro
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Pest birds cause damage, liability and health hazards. The Super BirdXPeller PRO broadcasts a variety of naturally recorded bird distress signals and predator calls that frighten, confuse and disorient pest birds within the effective range.

Four speaker system covers up to 6 acres
Control unit can be mounted anywhere
High-definition digital recordings
Fully programmable; customizable settings
Weatherproof, NEMA Rated casing
Designed for outdoor use

Version 1 repels: pigeons, starlings, sparrows and gulls
Version 2 repels: crows, blackbirds, grackles, cormorants and ravens

Version WP repels: woodpeckers

Target pests include: pigeons, crows, sparrows, starlings, seagulls, grackles, cormorants, vultures, etc.; also rodents and other small critters.

Effective coverage up to 6 acres. Recommended for use in outdoor areas, such as:

Warehouses, manufacturing, plants, landfills
Facilities & corporate grounds
Transportation platforms & loading docks
Farm fields, orchards, vineyards
Sheds & storage buildings
Parking lots
Waterfront property & boat docks

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