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Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait - 9 oz.

Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait - 9 oz.
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My thanks to the thousands of customers who continue to make my "Hiawatha Valley" the No. 1 selling bait in the country. Every "batch" of "Hiawatha Valley" takes me over a year to make so when I'm out of a certain size, I'm out. I sincerely believe that I have compiled the overall finest and most complete line of baits on the market today. - Tim

"Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait" - My own long distance predator bait that has been used with great success across the nation for the past 20+ years. I first made this bait in 1971, but didn't put it on the market for many years until trappers from every part of the country had helped me test it and gave it their over-whelming approval. This is not your basic slightly aged meat bait, but rather a blend of rodent meat, castor, fox, 'rat, and mink glands, and several other ingredients that to my knowledge aren't in any other brand of bait. Many thousands of mice go into this bait and what could be more natural than that? This bait has been aged to a good taint and is very loud. It works very well alone or in connection with a good gland lure and is recommended for the dirt hole set. For those of you who fancy the flat set, I would recommend my "Minnesota Valley Predator Bait" which contains the same ingredients but is only aged to a slight taint. Order this bait early as I nearly always run out. For red fox, grey fox, coyote and coon. By far my biggest seller. ("Hiawatha Valley" is hot stuff on dryland coon.)

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29 Reviews
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3% (1)
3% (1)
3% (1)
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100% Recommend this product (29 of 29 responses)
By Toby
Awesome bait
March 1, 2020
Great odor, lasted through heavy rain. Caught my first black yote.
Odor, last through weather. None
By Patrick
Clinton, SC
Coyote crack
January 22, 2023
Had great success with this on South Carolina coyotes and fox.
By Eric R.
Pleasant Shade Tennessee
Best bait for Cold and Rainy Weather
January 17, 2023
Guys this is the best bait Iā€™ve ever used when the weather gets cold and rainy. We had rain here for a week my bait hole was completely full of water, went back next day coyote was bouncing in the trap. I had one trap baited for over two weeks decided to pull the trap, checking the line looked as seen something dug out the trap set I just pulled. Next trap had him caught.
It works, the smell last Can
By Slade
Woodward, OK
Great product
November 18, 2022
Works awesome
By Harlin
Colcord Ok
Best bait
December 13, 2021
this is my 3rd jar of this bait and it is my go to when i am having trouble the animals committing to my sets. The only thing we haven't caught on it so far has been a bobcat. Coyotes, fox, coon, and possum has all been caught while using it.
Not overly loud but can smell it about 5 or 6 feet from set. A little bit will last for a week or better in the set. I would absolutely suggest it to anyone. It is a main stay in my bait bucket. NONE
By John
Great yote bait
April 22, 2021
I use several of Cavens baits and lures and have good results with them all. My go to brand.
All pros no cons
By Mike
Not sure but shipping was HORRIBLE!
February 18, 2021
When I ordered this the website said ships in 5 to 7 days. It took almost 20 days to get it in. I've plenty of good things about it but only got to use it once.
Merchant Response:We apologize for the delay. This is one of the most popular baits and it was very hard to come by this year. We were very limited on how much we could get.
By john
i didn't get it yet- because back order
January 9, 2021
hopefully it will be arriving soon?
Merchant Response:This bait has been really hard to get this year. It is extremely popular. As soon as the manufacturer will send it to us we will get it out ASAP !
By Chad
It works
December 7, 2020
It stinks and catches. Not more to say.
By Lora
He liked this, too
December 6, 2020
Another request to replace what he used last year. It worked. Caught several coyotes with it.
By T j.
One of the best
November 9, 2020
Its cavens brand.. that should he enough said. This bait works extremely well for fox, coyote, and will catch coons as well
Very smelly and great attractant in a dirt hole Its a little runny
By David
Welda, KS
Go to bait
October 14, 2020
I have used this in the late spring and early fall to catch coyotes. (protecting calves)
Coyotes defiantly love this stuff.
I thought the consistence was good, I would always use a teaspoon size amount.
By reagan b.
Hiawatha valley
September 4, 2020
Great bait for the entire season but really excels in the late season and also acts as a long distance bait for bring coyotes to your set and keeping them there.
By Houpie
Huntingdon. pa
February 23, 2020
Works great on coon. Has a strong odor.
Works good on coon. So far Liquidity. Thicker would be easier to handle. But not a huge problem.
By Clint
Piedmont , AL
My go to bait.
January 14, 2020
Great bait. I always have a jar in my bag.
By Josh
Rome, new york
Best of the best
December 6, 2019
Best bait ever, from fisher to fox.
Attractive to everything
By Howard
Montgomery, AL
Great Bait,
November 13, 2019
Great for coyotes and foxes.
By Robert
Careywood, Idaho
Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait
October 9, 2019
This is first time I've used this bait. So far, I've trapped 3 skunks and 1 coyote. The 5 star rating is due to catching critters and it's longevity. I rebaited my sets last week. Since then, we've had a lot of rain. This morning, while checking sets, I could still smell the bait at 7 feet or so.
This bait was recommended to me by a long time trapper. I recommend it as well.
Long lasting attraction Catches skunks! Other than that, none.
By Gerry D.
Wamgo, KS
"Very Good"
April 21, 2019
Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait is recommended by top predator traps. Good on late season Coyotes. If you are new to trapping give a jar a try. Will also work on Fox and Coons.
Work good on late season Coyotes. I do add a little glycerin to mine just to be safe late in the season. Its a little on the watery side before adding glycerin.
By cam m.
February 4, 2019
Be prepared this is a LOUD Bait
By Jake
January 24, 2019
Good bait will be using more in the future would recommend to anyone
By Oakley B.
This is a great bait
January 14, 2019
Im a youth trapper and i caught my first 2 foxes in 3 days with this bait in a combo with a gland lure i highly recommend this baits.
Merchant Response:Congratulations ! Glad it worked for you.
great stinky nasty smell great for fox nothing
By Crystal
Heflin, AL
Works great
December 31, 2018
Works great
By Joe
Danville Va
Predator bait
October 20, 2018
I've used this product with great success
Works well None
By Kenneth c.
opp al
predator bait
October 1, 2018
Good bait I had good results first time I tried it
Trapped coyote first time out
By Greg
great stuff
February 18, 2018
First year trapping last year, caught 6 coyotes and 2 bob cats with this and predator 7 on dirt hole sets
By Drew
Glen Elder, KS
First Two Bobcats
January 19, 2018
Just got into trapping this year. Well my first day I made two dirt holes both baited with Hiawatha Valley. The very next morning I had my first two bobcats! Since then I have caught a number of coons and two coyotes.
strong lasting smell
By shaun
central city, ky
Good Stuff
December 19, 2017
I bought some of this stuff last season and had wonderful results.
good long distance calling dries up easily
By Corey
Lugoff, SC
August 13, 2017
This is some really strong smelling bait. It'll last all week without rebaiting even after a rain.
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