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Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap - Brown

Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap - Brown
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Retail Price: $16.75
Our Price: $12.90

Order 6 or More Traps – FREE Set Tool

The Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful double coil springs, a pull only trigger system and a straight spade staking system.

The Dog Proof Trap Set Tool is recommended since the springs are very strong and if you set very many traps this will help.

The trap is fired when the raccoon reaches in for your bait, and instead grabs the trigger, firing the trap. The trigger can only be fired by the raccoon pulling on the trigger. A pull only trigger helps prevent unwanted catches or rodents accidentally firing the trigger. When baiting Dog Proof Coon Traps; apply the lure or bait to a cotton ball or sheep's wool. Place below the trigger so the raccoon has to reach past the trigger to get the bait.

These dog proof traps are painted and come in the colors brown, green, orange or white. Since they are painted they do not need to be dyed or waxed to prevent rusting.

Dog Proof Set Tool is recommended.

Recommended Baits & Lures:
- Coon Candy Lure
- Coon Catcher Lure
- Bandit Bait
- Black Label Coon Bait
- Fish Oil & Crayfish Oil

Product Reviews
Review Summary
90 Reviews
72% (65)
12% (11)
6% (5)
9% (8)
1% (1)
90% Recommend this product (81 of 90 responses)
By Chris G.
Works Great!!
January 8, 2023
Set 2 traps and caught 2 coons the first night. Te-set those 2 and set 6 additional. My son enjoyed dispatching of the coons.
By Bryan
Lumberton, TX
Very Effective!
August 11, 2018
After a nightly slaughter of chickens over a two-week period, I lost a flock of 24 laying hens. Six months later, I started a new flock and the slaughters resumed. Stumped at how to stop the invasion, I purchased Fleming traps. Within 3 days of setting traps, two raccoons caught. Hope for survival!
By Jim
Elizabethton, Tennessee
DP Fleming Coon Trap
June 20, 2017
Great Trap. Ordered them on Friday and received them here in Elizabethton, Tennessee on Monday. Great service and Friendly customer service. Kind of unusual this day and time. Set the trap with marshmellow and the free coon scent and Bang. got one first night. You may have saved part of my peach orchard.
Great service, good trap, friendly folks none
By Holt
Middle Georgia
Work fine
August 30, 2023
Someone said Chinese Junk. Mine are fine. Do not advise setting without the tool. I bought some low price chain from Home Depot that comes in a plastic container 1x10 and cut in half and used hooks to attach it to the trap chain. With a clip on it I can attach it to a small tree. No excuse in letting an animal run off with it. In Georgia you can trap coon and possum year round.
Mine work fine. Dog proof but are they cat proof. Don I can
By Ron B.
DP coon traps
June 24, 2023
Very well made and color coating is excellent.
By Hunter H.
Great Quality Traps
February 13, 2023
Great quality. Paint coating is done very well. I will be ordering more
By max
Works great
February 5, 2023
Catch a few coons so far solid trap
By Phillip
Welch, OK
Few issues
September 27, 2022
Had to file a notch in the dog for the trap to stay set otherwise would keep slipping off.
After the notch the trap works great!
Merchant Response:If it continues to give you a problem let us know so we can replace it free of charge. 800-624-4493
Catches Raccoons Wont stay set without some modification.
By Tom
Mid Michigan
Fleming Dog Proof Racoon Trap
August 14, 2022
Works great, Racoons, Opossum have been trapped
By Bob B.
Conroe, TEXAS!
Fun hunting at night, but not being there.
June 10, 2022
This is my first time doing this, and it's great anticipation the next morning seeing your success or failure. I ordered four traps, bait, and lure, to get the free shipping. Had 2 traps that wouldn't set. Called Fleming, and they answered on the 3rd ring. I explained my issue, and they cured it with flying colors. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE
On my first set, 2 traps were picked clean, but did not trip. I don't think enough bait was used, and coon didn't have to get under trip lever. Other 2 traps worked perfect. Looking forward to next time to correct MY mistakes.
In my opinion, the galvanized coating traps are the better choice.
Solid product. Easy to use. Great design. Great economical price for traps Super customer service. Had to make adjustments to "dogs'' so it would go under catch. But, not deal killer!
By Bert
Fleming DP raccoon trap
March 11, 2022
Shipping was fast went out and set traps and had immediate overwhelming success. This product is everything that it is advertised to be
Easy to set
Dp trap
February 23, 2022
Nice trap. Thick powder coat finish. Son caught a few coons already with them.
Finish One trap needed some attention on the dog.
By Clint M.
Nashville Tennessee
Great business
February 17, 2022
Great business with fast shipping and accurate product descriptions. They also have very helpful videos to walk new trappers through setups safely.
By Ken
Edisto Island, sc
Raccoon foot traps
January 27, 2022
This trap works very well for trapping raccoons. Nothing I have seen works better. A large screwdriver serves as my setting tool.
With dog biscuit pieces, the raccoon cannot resist the temptation to stick his feet into the trap. The trap is very strong and durable while being reasonably priced. As with any, scent removal is necessary for frequent use.
By Hig
Hard to set
January 1, 2022
Have a few different brands. These are by far the most difficult employ due to spring strength and set tool angle. Also the paint must be removed from set point or it won’t catch.
By Jimmie
Dog proof coon trap.
October 1, 2021
Products work extremely well !! Read full description about what included and not included in purchases. Very happy with craftsmanship tho.
Good quality , will last for years I believe. Had to order trap sets with another purchase and pay for second shipping cost. I should have read in detail about what’s included and not.
By Mary
North Dakota
Best service and best price for traps!
September 27, 2021
These are the best traps for raccoons. Flemings has the best price for them. I received 3 when I ordered 4. I made a phone call and within 1 week I received a fourth one. They have great customer service!!!!
Best traps, best price and best customer service!!!! None
By Gregory M.
Arlington , TN
Raccoon Trap
January 29, 2021
These are really nice, its true its dog proof. I Placed two out the other day and the racoon figure out how to open my screw type circle to hook my chain and your trap. I am sure the raccoon is still wearing the foot trap, I just hated to lose it. Overall, really great. Gregory Morrison Arlington TN
Pay from Flemings they got the best price to purchase these little foot keepers I only wish I had ordered more than 2 there are really great
By Winston J.
Great trap
January 14, 2021
Great price and catches just as many as the higher priced ones
Built well nice swivels None
By Anonymous
Western Kansas
Held 31 pound coon
December 27, 2020
Set these in area had seen large coons on game camera. Caught and held 4 coons. Largest was 31 pounds. Other 3 all over 20 pounds. One trap needed some work on trigger as kept firing on own. Sanded the dog a little. Seemed to work fine then. Overall very pleased.
Strong. Best price have seen on them Strong enough to hold big coons The coating can be slick and trap will fire on its own. Fair amount of side to side play in trigger mechanism so need to watch for this
By Kole
It works but be careful
November 21, 2020
Bought a dozen caught a few coons but ruined one after trying to use a trap setter bend the rod that holds the dog. My other dp's are other brands and you can tell a difference in quality.
Cheap Poor materials
About what I expected.
November 5, 2020
Have been using a different brand of DP exclusively for some time now and thought I would try a few of these. Went into the purchase knowing that these had to be an imported product due to the price. Was pretty much the quality I expected. 2 of the 6 traps needed "adjustments" to get them set. I am sure they will catch just like my others but the fit and quality of build is not the same.
By Thomas
Bastrop, LA
Excellent dog proofs
October 13, 2020
I got 2 of these traps from a buddy of mine. I have had several other brands but not a Fleming. Once I used them I was hooked. They set easily and fire great. They have a durable coating on them already so no need to dye. Outstanding product
Easy to set vs. a regular wire spring N/A
By Joe M.
Sandstone Mn
Coon trap
September 30, 2020
Durable work really well
Easy to use and no dogs get in None
By Manny
Yuma Arizona
Very effective!
July 5, 2020
I searched and purchased these based on the excellent reviews. We've caught 3 raccoons in two weeks. Our neighbors have other cage style traps and have not caught anything. These coupled with the bait and the setter are great and can be used for years to come!
Didnt come with instructions, but a quick YouTube search and I found and instructive video on how to set them.
By john
Maybee Mich
great trap
June 12, 2020
paint is nice
By Chris B.
Memphis. Tennessee
Coon problem eradicated.
May 17, 2020
Caught 4 in a three day period.
Problem solved. Dispatch & disposal of offenders.
By Kevin
Dog proof coon trap
April 19, 2020
These traps are awesome!
Lil better then a Duke
March 12, 2020
Same as a Duke but easier to set
Setting plate easy onthe hands None
By Curtis
Dog Proof
March 5, 2020
Great trap. Got a raccoon 1st night.
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