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Duke Animal Trap - Large Heavy Duty - Model 1112

Duke Animal Trap - Large Heavy Duty - Model 1112
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Retail Price: $99.50
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Animal traps provide a humane way to get rid of your problems with nuisance animals. This trap is built with the medium to large sized animal in mind like a raccoon. The trap is fully assembled and easy to bait and set.

Heavy Duty Model is made of 14 Gauge wire that is strong enough a man can stand on it and it will not bend. Bait protected 1/2" Mesh. Welded Rod reinforced gravity door with locking rings. 1/4" Reinforced Rod Frame.

Easy release by just turning the trap completely over so door releases and animal can run out without you having to get to close to trap while the animal is inside. Epoxy Coated GREEN. Size: 28" x 12" x 12"

Product Reviews
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29 Reviews
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90% Recommend this product (26 of 29 responses)
By Gray
New Castle Pa
A great cage
June 30, 2019
This cage is fantastic. Within an hour of setting it up we caught a raccoon that had made its home under our deck. It is solid and well made and the feature that allows you to hands free release the animal was wonderful. Once we arrived at the site where we were relocating it we pulled the cage out of our truck bed, sat it on the ground and then my husband pushed it over with his foot and the door dropped open. It was a relatively simple catch and release. My only complaints with the cage were there were no instructions for setting up the gate and also the handle on top for carrying should have a much larger metal plate under it because the raccoon could reach its arm out and it tried to claw my husbands hand
By Jim H.
Rockford, MI
Much better than others tried
March 28, 2023
This is a much sturdier trap than the other traps like Havahart. I have tried two of these and the coons get out. This trap has more of a positive door locking set up that keeps the coons inside. I lilke the trip mechanism, as well. The one suggestion I have is that I wish the handle protection plate was bigger. I am not sure a live coon could not reach my hand from inside. Otherwise, I am quite satisfied.
sturdy, positive locking rings, no injury to animal wish the handle protector plate was larger.
By Keith
Heavy duty live trap, model 1112
November 3, 2022
Excellent H. D. trap and very strong as advertised. Nice trigger and easy to set. Would recommend putting a steel stake on each side to prevent raccoons from tipping it over. Nice, strong well made trap that will last a long time.
Strong , sturdy, easy to set.
By Joe E.
Durham, NC
July 23, 2022
I ordered the Duke 1112 trap over traps made by Havaheart and Tomahawk. I had previously owned Haveaheart traps, and found them to be inferior overall. As for TomahawkI, I cancelled a pending order with them due to shoddy customer service on their part. The Duke 1112 trap looked like the perfect trap, especially to catch a wily raccoon that was plaguing my property.

Delivery of the trap from Fleming Traps was prompt. It arrived via UPS ground with a scratch or two, and a dent that made it sit less than level, but nothing that I couldn‚€™t live with. The trap is very, very sturdy. A few things could be improved, however. Overall, all things considered, I would give the Duke 1112 trap a ‚€œ3‚€ on a 5 point scale.

I used ‚€œdry runs‚€ for 6 nights to get my coon used to entering the trap. I placed the bait at the back of the trap beyond the trip plate. The next morning, the bait would be gone. On night 7, I baited the trap and set the trigger. I was amazed to discover that the raccoon was able to get the bait without triggering the trap. This was repeated on night 8.

I started examining the trap more closely to figure out why the trap was not triggered. I found some things that I considered deficiencies: [1] The horizontal trigger rod fits into a ‚€œnotch‚€ so as to keep the door open. Contact with the trip plate causes the trigger rod to come out of the notch, and the door then closes. However, my notch was cut too deep. A great amount of pressure on the trip plate was required to cause the trigger rod to come out of the notch and the door to close. I decided to file the notch down so that it was shallow, and thus more sensitive to the slightest pressure applied to the trip plate. This was a ‚€œgo slow‚€ procedure. Too much filing would eliminate the notch to the point where the trigger rod could not be set, and would not hold. My patience and constant testing paid off. I managed to file enough off so the rod would hold while being sensitive to even slight pressure on the trip plate. I also filed the paint off the contact point so as to make the metal to metal contact point smooth. [2] In my opinion, the angle of the trip plate is too steep when the trigger is set. It needs to have a lower profile. This would make it more sensitive, say to a foot or paw being placed on it. A longer vertical rod from the trip plate to the trigger rod would serve to lower the profile of the trip plate making it flatter. [3] The other deficiency concerns the non-use of galvanized metal. My trap started rusting in a matter of about 3 days. This was seen where the paint had either come off or wasn‚€™t applied, notably around the nuts and dooor. [4] My raccoon proved that he was able to fish the bait out of the back of the trap without setting it off or entering the trap. He was able to get his hand through the narrow slots surrounding the bait area. I used cable ties to attach ‚€œhardware cloth‚€ to the back of the trap to stop this. I also attached it on both sides, the top, and even the bottom. This prevents fishing the bait out, as well as contact with the trigger rod from outside the trap.

I am pleased to report that filing the notch down to make it more shallow, and filing the rmetal to metal contact point smooth, worked to make the trigger sensitive. I caught a possum when I placed the trap back in service, but not a raccoon. Indeed, my wily coon stood back and watched the possum get caught! Then ran away. I doubt it will go into the trap after seeing what happened to the possum that did.
Sturdy. Trigger needs to be more sensitive. Notch holding trigger rod was cut too deep. Trip plate angle is too steep. Needs a lower, flatter profile. Steep angle discourages entry. Flatter profile would encourage trigger release. Use of non-galvanized steel or metal in construction. Rusted quickly after being placed in service.
By Susan
Heavy duty trap
June 29, 2022
This was my 1st purchase from Fleming, but won‚€™t be my last. We are so pleased with the heavy duty trap! It stands up to what nature throws at it. We have caught several nuisance animals, one every night and they try their hardest to destroy it with no damage.
Don‚€™t waste your time on the cheaper traps that you can get anywhere, buy from Fleming.
Very heavy duty We haven?t found any yet
By Rodney M.
Northeast Texas
Duke animal trap model 1112
June 11, 2022
Works great. Have used this type for years. Well worth the difference over the hardware store light duty models.
Once closed its escape proof. Nothing.
By updateCategoryParentDAN
new york
caught a coon already
September 13, 2021
lightweight....painted...hopefu;l;y doesnt rust up...
weight durability ???
By Jim
Not Happy
August 25, 2021
I purchased this trap to catch ground hogs. I bated it with ears of corn. Twice the trap was tripped but nothing inside. I added some weight to close the door quicker but with this, the corn was gone but the trap wasn't tripped.

Not at all impressed with this trap.
By Jim
Erie , PA
April 16, 2021
Very nice . Well built .
By Seth
Henderson, TN
Good product
November 11, 2020
Used to take care of a few raccoons and a armadillo. I like the you can let the animal go without putting hands on the trap. It‚€™s a great product.
By jim s.
Paducah, TX.
Great Trap
November 7, 2020
This trap is built tough and strong. I like the easy way to open the door by turning it over. Easy and good product.
Built tough Easy release none
Quality Trap
October 15, 2020
The product was built better than other products I had viewed in stores. It has worked well.
By AnthonyE
North Carolina
The Best.
October 13, 2020
This Duke trap is by far the best live trap I have ever used. The very first day almost caught two coons,at the same time.This trap is huge, but easy to release the animal. I will be buying another one.
By Hike H.
Jacksonville, Florida
Great Trap
October 6, 2020
This is a heavy built and easy to set up trap. I had some varmits coming in my yard since my old dawg recently passed. In a week I have re-homed 3 opossums and a coon. I would deffinantly recommend.
Heavy built, Easy to set. No small door to add bait in back of trap.
By Kerry
Little Rock, Arkansas
Excellent Heavy-Duty Trap
August 24, 2020
The Large Duke trap is very well made and effective. I Have used them for several years to catch large raccoons and so far have not had any damage to the traps. With other traps it‚€™s almost impossible to release the animal while still protecting your hands, but with the Duke you only have to roll the trap over and the door drops open. Very reasonably priced for such quality and efficiency!
Heavy-duty Hands-free release Easy to set Sensitive enough for larger animals but not so sensitive that a regular rat springs the trap Plate under carrying handle protects hands from aggressive animals The trap is deep so it can be a little difficult to get bait positioned in the back of the trap. A little door in the top of the trap would solve this.
By Deuce
Iowa, Louisiana
Duke Animal Trsp
August 13, 2020
Well constructed product. The Fleming trap performed great the first night I set it up to trap a armadillo. Quick turnaround on the order. I will be references Fleming‚€™s traps to my friends. Thanks! JRD
*Heavy duty constructed *Quick release on the trigger *Great Color
By Mark
Great Trap
June 26, 2020
Very easy to use, made of heavy steel, the trap door is easy to set and works every time. Second and third nights I used the trap I caught raccoons.
Ease of use. Set and go Little hard to set bait in, but worth the trouble.
By Elier L.
Rincon, Puerto Rico
100% satified
May 22, 2020
This cage work super great, it pay them self in just 2 days after I been doing the work and is a very professional cage
strong and perfect contruction made
By Jim
Shady Valley TN
Great trap
February 7, 2020
The trap is strong easy to use and it works! Customer service is great. We had a problem setting the trap there was an easy fix it now works perfectly
By Jerrod
Good traps
November 7, 2019
Very easy to release unwanted game back into the wild
By Rich
Very effective trap. Strong and well made..
April 29, 2019
Raccoons figured the Havahart traps, but they couldnt beat this trap. Made from much stronger materials. A little tricky to set up (for me - wife knocked it right out) but worth it.
By Dan
Jefferson, Ohio
Trap works well
June 9, 2018
Started catching racoons and possoms from the first night. Only one racoon managed to tip the trap and escape.
easy to release critter. sturdy.
By Cody
Don't like the trigger mechanism
June 8, 2018
The trigger mechanism is lacking in the regard that the enamel or whatever coasting is on it makes it exceedingly difficult for the trap to stay open.
Turning over the cage to release an animal is wonderful Trigger mechanism
By Justin
Well built
January 2, 2018
It is probably the best smaller trap on the market that I have used. It is very durable in comparison and easy trap opening design. Very satisfied as to date.
By Star
novi, mi
cage works as intended
October 22, 2017
Worked good after i repaired it. The cage arrived crushed but the box was in perfect shape. Most customers would have returned it for one not damaged.
Good trap design. It contains large animinals well. Be sure to stake it down so a trapped critter cannot roll the cage and get out. Arrived very damaged. The trap door could not open. Had to pry and hammer thick metal back into shape, then pushed all the screen into place. Took about 1/2 hour to fix.
By Rod L.
Presho, S.D.
Greatest trap
September 14, 2017
This is the best trap. I've caught many coon & no damage. I've bought traps for the same money & the coon destroyed them. Great value & I will be getting a few more.
Strong & easy to set. Could be more room from the platter to the end of the cage.
By Larry B.
San Antonio, TX
March 23, 2017
This trap is as advertised: It is very strong and easy to use, especially the release mechanism. The only thing I do not like about it is the trip mechanism is inside the trap rather than on the outside. Time will tell if this is a good idea or not.
Very strong and release mechanism simple to use. Release mechanism linkage is inside the trap.
By Tom
Milan, Ohio
January 31, 2017
I bought 2 of these traps and the first raccoon I caught wrecked the bait(door) trip apart to
the point I had to take trap apart and make a new one. The second raccoon started to tear the wire
apart. These traps will catch raccoons but, don't expect them to last without repairs.
Made cheap!!!!!
Mid South
Great trap
January 28, 2017
Very pleased with trap! Very well designed and built.
Effective Sturdy
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