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Bird Blazer Bird Repeller

Bird Blazer Bird Repeller
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Retail Price: $1,481.00
Our Price: $1,229.00

This electronic bird repeller uses fat-beam laser technology to safely frighten birds away.

Laser beams constantly change patterns to prevent acclimation
Works day and night
World's first indoor laser bird repellent device
Designed for use in indoor and semi-enclosed spaces
Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
Laser beams are a well-documented way to chase away pest birds. The beam seeks out their roosting spots, alarming and confusing them, causing them to flee. This technological breakthrough makes current hand-held labor-intensive lasers obsolete and opens up this proven method of bird control for general industrial use.

Repels pest birds including pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and more; also deters rodents, bats and other small critters.

Recommended for use in large indoor or semi-enclosed spaces, such as:

Warehouses & plants
Sports arenas & convention centers
Parking garages & car washes
Tunnels, underpasses & breezeways
Airplane hangars & boat houses
Barns & storage sheds

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