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Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Automatic Chicken Coop Door
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Retail Price: $350.00
Our Price: $250.00

The new Heavy Duty Automatic Chicken Coop Door comes ready-to-use. The new heavy duty construction features an all-weather aluminum door that will not warp or break due to the elements. Provides a clean sliding action that does not catch or stop. Frame material is a hard composite material .75" thick that will not break, splinter or rot and provides a sturdy frame with easy cleaning surface. This Heavy Duty Automatic Chicken Coop Doors is hands down the best on the market.

The door frame is 33" x 12" x 3". Just attach the frame over a 10.5" wide x 12" tall opening in your chicken coop and plug it in to an extension cord. No assembly required. Plug & Play...without ever worrying about opening and closing the chicken coop door again. You will enjoy the freedom and your chickens will enjoy the protection of the Automatic Chicken Coop Door.

Best of all, this is a complete kit that requires no assembly. No technical experience or mechanical skill is required. Install this in four easy steps:

1. Cut a hole in your chicken coop
2. Attach the frame of the automatic chicken door to your coop with 4 screws
3. Plug In Adapter
4. Set the digital timer ...that's it!!

- Timer – Open/Close
- Manual – Open/Close - Very easy to adjust open/close times
- LED control panel lets you choose timer or manual open/close
- Door is opened and closed with an actuator = no more strings getting tangled and torn
- Built-in sensor so that if a chicken is in the doorway when it is closing, the door will stop and reopen. It will automatically attempt to close up to 2 times before staying in the open position.
- Auto Door’s features control panel has internal memory to store settings in case of power loss.

Power Supply For Door
-110V electric (adapter included w/36” cord)
-Solar kit (sold separately)

When you consider the cost of raising a hen to maturity and the value of the eggs that hen will lay in her entire life, experts value one mature hen at $85. That means, if the Automatic Chicken Coop Door saves three of your hens from a predator, it will pay for itself! Just think how many chickens you would have now if you had discovered this a few days ago!

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