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Armadillo ADC Bait - 6 oz

Armadillo ADC Bait - 6 oz
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Fleming Traps Armadillo ADC Bait is a bait that is designed specifically for Armadillos. Armadillo ADC Bait is used by professional nuisance trappers and by government and private Animal Damage Control Specialists nationwide.

These baits are not attractive to domestic animals and can be used with confidence in the most populated areas without the fear of attracting unwanted pets. ADC Baits paste consistency makes them the best choice for use in live trapping equipment. 6 oz. Jar.

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By Kenneth S.
Hampton, Georgia
Attracts Opossums and Raccoons
December 1, 2022
I bought to jars of this because the reviews made it sound promising.
I've been using it in three traps, one is the LSU live catch design the other two are the wire live catch design.
The only animals caught using the ADC bait are Opossums and Raccoons.
Don't waste you time with this stuff.
I figure you will reject this review and not post it, but wanted you to know you need to stop selling it as Armadillo bait!
None Doesn't attract Armadillos!
By Ken
Attracts the wrong animals
October 29, 2022
I applied the bait to the trigger stick on my trap right after receiving the order and the next morning I saw the doors were down, I was hopeful there was an Armadillo inside but it was an Opossum.
I feared the bait would attract too many other critters because it smells like a good berry jam.
I bought 2 bottles of this ADC bait and feel it may have been a mistake.
This was the first night, I'll continue to use this bait for a while and will report back and upgrade my rating if I capture any Armadillos.
Smells very tasty for humans. Easy to apply. Not hazardous. Attracts too many other animals and is not exclusive to Armadillos. The unintended captures foul the trap with their scents.
By James M.
Flagler Beach, Fl.
Got that little gugger.
June 10, 2022
Excellent bait for Armadillos. Baited my unscented trap with armadillo bait and caught two within
a week. A special thanks to the Fleming company.
By Anonymous
San Antonio Texas
Armadillo ADC Bait
October 8, 2020
Works great for Armadillos and Raccoons
By Charles
College Station, TX
Worked on the very first night!!
September 26, 2018
Don't use this bait unless you want to catch the pesky varmints!!
Works and believe it or not, doesn't smell bad!! None
By Thumbs
Deatsville, AL
Smells Like Bananas
July 30, 2018
The stuff has the consistency and appearance of apple butter and smells like bananas. I put it on the trip panel of a live trap and put the trap just near a large burrow. The fire ants love the stuff, but the armadillos not so much.
Doesn't smell like dead grub worms. Doesn't attract armadillos.
By C J.
No results yet
May 31, 2018
I purchased armadillo bait and have not been successful yet. I have a very destructive, elusive armadillo that I have been after for months. He roams such a large area that I am not sure where to put the trap, but I'm still trying.
By Jason
Fairview, TN
February 11, 2018
I was able to catch 3 squirrels with this product but no armadillos. Not sure if the armadillo population where I am located is that high, but i have seen a few around. I did see a squirrel digging holes as well so maybe the squirrels are the bigger problem. I will try this product again in the future when the weather warms up and the dillos become a little more active. There are many burrows around as well as sheds that the dillos can live under. It's difficult to know which burrow is active.
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