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Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap - Brown

Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap - Brown
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Retail Price: $12.50
Our Price: $9.95

Order 6 or More Traps FREE Bottle of Coon Catcher Lure
Order 12 or More Traps FREE Bottle of Coon Catcher Lure and Set Tool

The Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful double coil springs, a pull only trigger system, hand guard for setting the trap and a straight spade staking system.

The hand guard is designed to help you set the trap without using a set tool. The Dog Proof Trap Set Tool is also great to have in your trappers pack since the springs are very strong and if you set very many traps this will help.

The trap is fired when the raccoon reaches in for your bait, and instead grabs the trigger, firing the trap. The trigger can only be fired by the raccoon pulling on the trigger. A pull only trigger helps prevent unwanted catches or rodents accidentally firing the trigger. When baiting Dog Proof Coon Traps; apply the lure or bait to a cotton ball or sheep's wool. Place below the trigger so the raccoon has to reach past the trigger to get the bait.

These dog proof traps are painted and come in the colors brown or camo. Since they are painted they do not need to be dyed or waxed to prevent rusting.

Dog Proof Set Tool $1.99 is recommended.

Recommended Baits & Lures:
- Coon Candy Lure
- Coon Catcher Lure
- Bandit Bait
- Black Label Coon Bait
- Fish Oil & Crayfish Oil
- Marshmallows
- Watermelon, Corn & Bacon
- Cat or Dog Food

Product Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 25 reviews
By Farmer D
They work.
June 21, 2017
Simple and strong.It works. Used a small marshmallow with some cat food pushed into the center .My garden is now growing. It works.
ProsStrong and well made
By Jim
Elizabethton, Tennessee
DP Fleming Coon Trap
June 20, 2017
Great Trap. Ordered them on Friday and received them here in Elizabethton, Tennessee on Monday. Great service and Friendly customer service. Kind of unusual this day and time. Set the trap with marshmellow and the free coon scent and Bang. got one first night. You may have saved part of my peach orchard. Thanks, Jim
ProsGreat service, good trap, friendly folks
By garrison goat farm
central indiana
dog proof racoon traps
June 1, 2017
got 6 racoons in 5 days very happy with how these traps work also got 1 skunk which i hadnt planned on but traps are easy unload so no worries
Prosexcellent preformance
Conshad to learn to set the trigger light missed a few early on until i got the hang of it
By Chris
Great trap. Great price
May 14, 2017
Well built. Performs as it should. Quality product.
By Austin
Great trap for the money
April 30, 2017
GREAT dog proof
By Russell
san antonio tx
racoon trap
March 25, 2017
works great easy to us. feel comfortable about safety of other animals.
Proscompact and easy to set
By Bob
Great value
March 24, 2017
Great product,caught 6 raccoons the first weekend after purchase
ProsEasy set and removal of animals
By Shaun Ratliff
Independence kentucky
Dogs don't fit in trigger
March 18, 2017
I really like the easy part of setting but the dog doesn't fit in the trigger. I ordered 6 and have to file the trigger to accept the dog to fit in. And you have to watch while setting the trap because the wire will pop out of the spring handle They need to be crimped further. I would spend the extra dollar or so and buy duke. Not to terribly bad of a trap if lightly used
ProsEasy to set
ConsNeeds better craftsmanship
By G.E. O'Brien
Near Pensacola, Fl
March 4, 2017
set it, caught a racoon. disposed of him.
ConsAufully hard to set the trap
By Gil Jurenka
Near Woodsboro,Texas
March 4, 2017
If you rate this raccoon trap on the basis of success, you just have to rate it A+. I set my two new traps out later in the evening on the day I received them, baited them with small marshmellons and got two coons before midnight. How can you beat that.
ProsEasy way to bait and secure. Perfect for use with deer feeders.
ConsLittle difficult to learn how to arm the trap until you get the hang of it. Put the trap on the ground and hold it firmly to the ground with with one hand while using your foot to press down the spring-loaded arms. Then set the catch with your other hand. Release the trapped coon holding the trap down on the ground with your foot, depress the arms with your foot and lift the DEAD coon out of the trap. Very easy to do after you have done it once or twice.
By Terry Martin
Latta sc
Nice traps
February 24, 2017
Easy to operate and hold game well
By J.C.
Rockport and Woodsboro, Texas
February 12, 2017
I have bought four of the DP traps. Gave two to a neighbor and use the other two myself. I have been successful in reducing the coon population in our neck of the woods. I highly recommend them. Be sure to secure them well. My neighbor had the coons take his with them.
ProsThey don't let go of the coons once trapped.
ConsTough to set without the tool.
By James Moneypenny
Little Rock, AR
Raccoons in Arkansas seem to be too smart to stick their paws down that little tube.
February 3, 2017
Interesting trap, but hasn't attracted any raccoons yet.
Merchant Response:Keep trying. This style of trap is the best selling raccoon trap and has been proven to work. Try using fish oil and that should help.
ProsThe spring is very powerful. Don't get you finger in there when it is set.
ConsNo raccoon around here will fall for this, even with the bait sold with it
By stacy robbins
panama city fl
January 23, 2017
bought 12 & set 3 this weekend after lots of rain on sat. set them late sat. 2 traps got robed & caught 1 bandit.
Proswill buy more win I can
By Art
Montgomery City, MO
DP traps
January 4, 2017
Bought traps for grandson who has started trapping this year. Have worked very well. Buy the setting tool also.
ConsHard for young trapper to set by hand. Buy setting tool also.
By Bobby
Southwest Kentucky
Works great
December 28, 2016
I got these traps and the coon catcher lure. Baited them with marshmallows and candy corn, and had a coon the day after I set them out. If you have a coon problem I'd recommend these.
ProsInexpensive, easy to set
By Chapster
Suamico Wi
Heard good things about them
December 20, 2016
Hope they workout.
By Bill
Middletown NY
Great deal
December 17, 2016
I usually run duke dp's but these were on sale and the price was too good to pass up so I grabbed 1/2 dozen to try. 0 complaints so far. They work as designed. I haven't had any problems nor do I foresee any. I haven't had them long enough to comment on durability over time. I would recommend them to anyone wants dp's especially on a budget.
By Floyd
Great Trap
December 8, 2016
Great trap works great easy set an just wait..Great price point
ProsEasy to use Cheap to buy
By Jim
Dang coons !
December 2, 2016
I bought a couple days before sale- 5 out of six would set- one would not. Seems to be a good trap
ProsEasy to set with tool
ConsNeed a wire in bait station- cotton ball gets pulled
By Josh
Dallas, texas
Trigger troubles
November 12, 2016
Bought four of these on sale to try them out. Not nearly as user friendly as the Duke dp. Have one that I can't set at all without modifying with file or dremel. Will stick with the Duke.
Merchant Response:Sounds like you got some defects. We are sending you all new traps at no charge. Keep originals at no charge. Thanks for the review.
ConsHarder to set. Quality is not as good
By Scott
Red House, West Virginia
Excellent for catching raccoons!!!
November 11, 2016
This is one of the best, maybe THE best traps going! It is for me the only 100% trap available!!! I may order 6 more for good measures!!
ProsSimple to use If the get one of the trap set tools!!!
ConsIt is difficult to set without the trap set tool??
By Dan
Dog bends
November 10, 2016
When setting the trap sometimes the spring can't compress all the way and the dog gets bent in order to hold the trigger. I bent the u shaped piece that clamps around the coons leg so the spring could be compressed all the way. Over all very good trap for the money and for my 10 year old to use. Set 10 traps first day and caught 5 coon. Thanks for a trap young people can afford and use.
By Evan
New Jersey
November 7, 2016
Great traps for the money. Will be purchasing more in the future
By Wally
Somewhere, Ga
Much better than live traps!
November 1, 2016
Setting the trap is easy with the handy tool, easier than by hand. Much more reliable than live traps. Yes I do recommend them. I have not caught the first unwanted animal! I,e, house cats......
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